life lately, according to our iPhones

My new crafting toy. Love it!

Elliott and his records.

We had family visiting this weekend. More on that to come!

Stella and her Stella plate.

Dean and Elliott on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

Cousin fun.

I’m crazy about these chubby legs.

Lucy and grandma at the Ironbirds game.


life lately, according to our iPhones

1.The boy and his toys.

2. & 3. He’s crazy about reading books these days.

4. Packed our lunches for our trip to the zoo last week. I love our Easy Lunchboxes!

5. My view on the train ride back from the zoo. I’m so glad he still likes to be carried.

6. & 7. What I came home to after work one day last week. Don’t worry Dean was there, too.

8. Saw Wooly Willy at Cracker Barrel and it immediately made me think of spending time at my grandma’s house when I was younger. I miss her so much. She would have been crazy about Elliott.

9. Getting ready to take the crazy dog on a walk.

10. Pulled himself up for the first time. Good thing he was wearing a fancy outfit!

11. Sleepy babe.

12. & 13. Went to a drive-in double feature of movies that Dean has really been wanting to see. We piled up blankets and pillows in the bed of his truck and Elliott and I fell asleep about an hour in to the first movie. 

14. Elliott making friends at Gina’s baby shower.

15. I had a little visitor when I was trying to declutter my craft room. 

life lately, according to our iPhones

1. E’s daycare school photos. Hilarious!! 

2. Our new juicer. We’re doing a 5 day juice cleanse starting tomorrow and I’m a little nervous. Wish us luck!! 

3. E cheesing. 

4. He’s everywhere these days and has been pulling himself up on his knees. This also means he’s been falling over a lot and bumping his noggin. 

5. The best toys are usually the simplest things. 

6. Enjoying breakfast outdoors. 

7. Homemade berry lemonade popsicles 

8. Not too sure about swinging. 

9. This is probably why. 

10. My fancy baby.