Adventures In Eating

(This post might as well be called “Look At My Baby Eating Food” because of all the photos of him, well, eating.)

As Elliott graduated from being a newborn to an infant I became more and more excited about letting him try solid food. So excited that I purchased organic baby rice cereal and baby spoons before I even got the okay from his pediatrician. Once we did get the okay at his 4 month well visit I drove him home, stuck him in his high chair and prepared his first batch of solid food, which wasn’t all that solid at all. (Am I the only one who finds these achievements bittersweet? All the newness is so exciting, but it also means my baby is growing up!)

^^^excited about his first bite of solid food!^^^

^^^he liked it!^^^

He took to the cereal right away and eventually we started to offer him oatmeal and then pureed fruits and veggies. I decided I wanted to try to make his baby food because of the cost of pre-made baby food and because I would know exactly what he was eating. I used the ice cube tray method and this website, and would spend a couple of hours over the weekend steaming, baking and blending. It was a little bit of work, but let me tell you, the satisfaction I got when he was scarfing down the homemade food made it all worth it.

^^^enjoying some purees^^^

At Elliott’s 6 month well visit his pediatrician said that we should start to incorporate finger foods in to his diet. Now this made me nervous because all I could think about was him choking. I watched some baby-led weaning videos online (this one is insane) and gained some confidence in Elliott’s gumming ability. We didn’t follow baby-led weaning, but watching those videos definitely helped me loosen up a little bit. If those babies could handle hunks of bread and chicken then surely mine could handle tiny diced up steamed carrots. 🙂

^^^first puff ever^^^

There were a few moments where I held my breath, ready to jump up and whack him on the back, while he went through the gagging motions, but overall he’s been doing great. His pincer grasp has greatly improved over the past couple of months and now and at his meals at home he almost completely feeds himself. He still gets his purees at school and sometimes he’ll get applesauce for dessert at home (see video below) or if we’re on the go, but everything else is finger foods.

^^^breakfast outside^^

We’ve been very lucky because so far Elliott’s not a picky eater at all. He’ll pretty much eat anything we put in front of him. Now at 10 months old we’re working getting him to eat what we eat at meals, which is more of a challenge for me than it is for him (we like our food spicy). We’re so lucky to have such an easygoing baby!