Our Little Trip To Texas

This Fourth of July weekend was a busy one. We made a trip to San Antonio to visit Dean’s brother and his two kids while Dean’s dad was out there making his yearly month long visit. We had a great time, but the heat definitely wore me out. Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as it normally is for San Antonio in July or else I probably would have wanted to stay in the air-conditioning all weekend long. Here are a few (many) highlights from our trip.

^^^how to keep baby and parents entertained on a plane^^^

^^^Thursday we met up with the fam and walked around The Riverwalk, 

which was impressive, but not very stroller friendly.^^^

^^^friday at the alamo^^^

^^^insert Pee Wee’s Big Adventure quote here :)^^^

^^^baby loves bbq^^^

^^^pretty sure this is the only picture I took while we were in Austin. We were in the SoCo area and I really wanted to love it, but almost all the stores had no stroller signs on their doors. Disappointing!^^

^^^sophisticated Elliott about to enjoy a nice meal^^^

^^^first corn on the cob^^^

^^^grandpa watched the baby while Dean and I snuck out to get dinner by ourselves. Thanks Grandpa!^^^

^^^taking a break from sightseeing^^^

^^^heading back to MD^^^

We also spent a day at the San Antonio Zoo and Japanese Tea Garden, but that’s a post for another day! 🙂



Grundei Family Weekend

This past weekend we hosted some of Dean’s family at our house. It was such a wonderful time and I’m grateful for them making the trip out to the east coast. Elliott was able to hang out with his cousins and I loved watching them interact with each other. Stella was so sweet with him (as seen in the picture above) and I think watching Lucy standing up and taking a few steps was all Elliott needed to make pulling himself up a regular thing. He has even started to take a few steps while holding on to furniture. It’s pretty amazing what these babies can do!

On Friday we went back to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. We got there early, set up camp and let the kids play in the sand. Elliott and Stella weren’t too fond of the waves, but little fearless Lucy absolutely loved them. We filled up a little inflatable baby pool with some ocean water and the little ones had a great time splashing around.

Once the afternoon rolled around we took Stella to Funland, a little open-air amusement park, and she rode some of the rides.She was super brave and wanted to ride the kiddie Ferris Wheel without an adult. She even made a little friend on the helicopter ride.

On Saturday we decided to keep it a little more local and headed out to Ft McHenry in Baltimore. The Ft McHenry Guard was there shooting canons while we were walking on the grounds. I wasn’t ready so Elliott’s ears were uncovered, but luckily it didn’t phase him one bit.

After Ft McHenry we drove over to the Inner Harbor, ate lunch and then walked around in the heat. Dean and I are kind of over the Inner Harbor at this point (way too many people), but we still like taking guests there because there is so much to see. Stella rode a dragon paddle boat with her dad, while Dean, his parents and I stopped in H&M to enjoy the air-conditioning. I also may have spent a little too much money on some clothes for Elliott (they have the best baby boy clothes!).

That night we were all exhausted, but decided to hang out outside for a while, after the kids went to bed, and chat. It was so nice to drink a few beers and just talk. I have to say, I’m one lucky girl to have the in-laws that I have!

PS. Andrea, if you read this we found one of Lucy’s pacis after you left! 🙂



life lately, according to our iPhones

1.The boy and his toys.

2. & 3. He’s crazy about reading books these days.

4. Packed our lunches for our trip to the zoo last week. I love our Easy Lunchboxes!

5. My view on the train ride back from the zoo. I’m so glad he still likes to be carried.

6. & 7. What I came home to after work one day last week. Don’t worry Dean was there, too.

8. Saw Wooly Willy at Cracker Barrel and it immediately made me think of spending time at my grandma’s house when I was younger. I miss her so much. She would have been crazy about Elliott.

9. Getting ready to take the crazy dog on a walk.

10. Pulled himself up for the first time. Good thing he was wearing a fancy outfit!

11. Sleepy babe.

12. & 13. Went to a drive-in double feature of movies that Dean has really been wanting to see. We piled up blankets and pillows in the bed of his truck and Elliott and I fell asleep about an hour in to the first movie. 

14. Elliott making friends at Gina’s baby shower.

15. I had a little visitor when I was trying to declutter my craft room. 

Father’s Day Weekend

When I asked Dean what he wanted to do for his first Father’s Day he said he just wanted to keep it low key. So we decided to take a trip to the National Zoo in DC on Saturday. I recently took Elliott to the Baltimore Zoo and wasn’t very impressed so I didn’t have high expectations for the National Zoo. One of the problems with being spoiled by the Columbus Zoo, I guess. But I was pleasantly surprised! The National Zoo was clean, easy to get to by Metro, laid out well with lots of nice exhibits, and best of all, free!

^^^showing Elliott the elephants^^^

^^^taking a little snack break^^^

^^^zoo residents^^^


^^^always on the move these days^^^

^^^this seal was pretty amazing, jumping and twirling in the water in response to a little girl tossing up her hat on the other side of the glass^^^

^^^hitching a ride^^^

^^^love him! (please don’t mind Elliott flipping the camera the bird :))^^^

^^^regal eagle^^^

^^^my 2 favorite guys^^^

^^^happy father’s day!^^^

Happy Father’s Day Dean!! You’ve been a fantastic dad to our little guy and we both love you lots!

a nice little tuesday evening


Last night Dean had his first softball game of the season and since it was an early game and the weather was perfect Elliott and I decided to tag along. We laid out our little blanket, played with toys and watched as Dean’s team beat the opposing team. We normally don’t do too much after we get home from work, but going to the softball game was the perfect little evening outing.


^^^lil slugger^^^       

^^^love this view^^^



^^^intensely watching the game^^^


^^^happy boy^^^



^^^kisses for the buddy^^^


^^^snoozy babe^^^