Juicing Hump Day

Today is the third day of our juice cleanse and I have to say I’m glad we’re halfway through! It hasn’t been quite as hard as I thought it would be (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself for the rest of the week), but it probably helps that we’ve been eating a small dinner made up of veggies every day. We’ve been following the 5 Day Reboot by Joe Cross and so far my favorite juices are Carrot Apple Lemon, Sunrise, Garden Variety and Watermelon Crush. I can’t stand the Un-Beet-able (I hate beets!!) and I also have a hard time choking down the Green Lemonade. Even though I have a tough time drinking some of the juices I definitely feel like I’m doing something healthy for my body.

Some of the hardest things so far have been the cost and the actual juice making. We bought the Breville Fountain Plus Juicer at Bed, Bath and Beyond and thankfully I was able to use a 20% off coupon even though it said it couldn’t be used in the fine print. Juicers are not cheap, but so far I love this one! I’m not an expert, but it produces a decent amount of juice and the pulp is usually pretty dry. Of course the fruits and veggies are an additional expense. I bought most of our stuff at BJ’s and tried to get mostly organic, and our grocery bill showed it. When you add in the Ball Mason Jars for transportation to work and a case of coconut water that we’re supposed to drink, it adds up quick.

The preparation, the juicing and the clean-up of the fruits and veggies take some time. I’ve been juicing 2 servings of 5 different juices each night so that involves rinsing out the juicing basket and pulp container between each juice, which is a pain and a mess in itself. Thankfully most of the pieces are dishwasher safe so that saves me time on the final washing of the juicer. I would say that juicing each night takes me about an hour to an hour and a half, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too bad, but it’s hard when Dean and Elliott are hanging out in the next room and all I want to do is spend time with them.

Right now I still enjoy juicing, but I definitely miss my normal meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m also a big snacker and the Annie’s Bunny Grahams sitting on my desk at work have been calling my name for the past few days. After this cleanse is done I’m hoping to juice my breakfast daily, but we’ll see how the next 2 days go before I make that commitment!