life lately, according to our iPhones

1. E’s daycare school photos. Hilarious!! 

2. Our new juicer. We’re doing a 5 day juice cleanse starting tomorrow and I’m a little nervous. Wish us luck!! 

3. E cheesing. 

4. He’s everywhere these days and has been pulling himself up on his knees. This also means he’s been falling over a lot and bumping his noggin. 

5. The best toys are usually the simplest things. 

6. Enjoying breakfast outdoors. 

7. Homemade berry lemonade popsicles 

8. Not too sure about swinging. 

9. This is probably why. 

10. My fancy baby.


a nice little tuesday evening


Last night Dean had his first softball game of the season and since it was an early game and the weather was perfect Elliott and I decided to tag along. We laid out our little blanket, played with toys and watched as Dean’s team beat the opposing team. We normally don’t do too much after we get home from work, but going to the softball game was the perfect little evening outing.


^^^lil slugger^^^       

^^^love this view^^^



^^^intensely watching the game^^^


^^^happy boy^^^



^^^kisses for the buddy^^^


^^^snoozy babe^^^


Beach Bums

This past weekend Dean and I took Elliott on his first beach visit to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. We had never been there before, and because we’re heading there when Dean’s family comes to town later this month, we decided to take a recon trip. As a first time mom, I was afraid that Elliott was going to have a rough time in the heat and with the sun, but I didn’t have anything to worry about. And contrary to everything I’ve read he didn’t try to eat any of the sand. It was too cold to let him get in to the water, but he had a great time playing in the sand and waving his toys in the air. 

^^^he loves it^^^

 ^^^waving his shovel in the air^^^

^^^Elliott & Dean enjoying the beach^^^

Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial Day weekend my brother and his girlfriend made the trip out to the east coast for a quick visit. We took them to the usual sites, the Inner Harbor and Fells Point in Baltimore and the monuments in DC, but this trip also had a hidden agenda. Jeff proposed to Kaleigh while we were at the National Botanic Garden and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them!

^^^Newly engaged!^^^

^^^DC has the cleanest metros, but not the most stroller friendly metro stations^^^

^^^Kaleigh and Jeff when she had no idea^^^

^^^crawl practice with Sophie^^^

^^^baby photo bomb^^^

^^^celebratory drinks!!^^^

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!